Five on Friday!

It’s Friday, its a holiday weekend, and its 85 degrees and sunny. What more could a girl ask for going into a what should be a great weekend?! But before we get to this weekend, there were some good things that happened this week!

ONE :: I finally got a hair cut, it was much needed There was what looked like a small dog on the floor when my hairdresser swept up all that she cut off. She even was able to thin it out, and for someone with thick hair about to go into the heat of summer, having shorter, lighter hair is AWESOME!

2016-05-22 21.10.59

TWO :: It is almost peak strawberry season here in the Northeast. One of my favorite seasons. While binge watching the last season of Breaking Bad a few nights this week, I munched on my favorite late night snack of strawberries with a little powdered sugar.. so tasty!

2016-05-25 15.14.12

THREE :: I love to support the children’s hospital I used to work for whenever I can. This past Wednesday, all the Dunkin Donuts in New Hampshire donated a portion of their proceeds on iced coffee to the children’s hospital. I made sure I got out there and got an iced coffee.. then shamelessly made sure my family and friends did as well!

FOUR :: One of my favorite places to grab dinner and drinks is a Caribbean restaurant in our town called Bahama Breeze. It’s so yummy. I went out for dinner and drinks with some friends one night this week and enjoyed some nice island drinks.

2016-03-08 23.16.02

FIVE :: S was away since Saturday on a guys trip and as much as much as I enjoyed a few days of alone time, it was so sweet to finally see him last night when he got home. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but I love when he’s by my side.


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